Care for your body and mind.

Enjoy $0 primary care bundled with $0 virtual visits with licensed mental health professionals across the country.

See What Is Included
$0 Primary care from board-certified providers.
$0 mental healthcare from licensed therapists.

Unlimited Primary Care With Convenient Therapy Sessions.

$0 Talk Therapy

Get professional mental health services from therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and more. If necessary, we will mail medication to your doorstep.

Unlimited Primary Care

Book an appointment with a primary care doctor, OB-GYN or walk-in at over 25,000 partner clinics and urgent care location across the country.

Get The Complete Care Plan In 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1

Sign Up Online

Activate your account online and download the River Health app to chat with your doctor or therapist.

Step 2

See Your Doctor or Therapist

See your doctor online or in person for $0 and enjoy free mental healthcare from licensed professionals.

Step 3

Prescriptions Delivered

If your doctor or mental health professional writes a prescription, River Health will deliver it to your doorstep.

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