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You can afford quality care.

Your employees can enjoy affordable health benefits starting at $35/month.

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Add or remove employees at anytime. Easy to setup.
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Includes hourly staff, part-time employees and 1099 contractors.

They trust River Health

A better way to offer healthcare.

Your employees can now enjoy quality primary care and mental health services with no hidden fees.

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Plan features

River Health plans come with a wide range of healthcare services.

Mental health on the go...

Professional care from board-certified therapists in the comfort of your home. If necessary, we will mail medication to your doorstep.

Easy, $0 Lab Testing

Enjoy $0 lab testing through partners like Quest Diagnostics. At-home testing is available for members who require it.

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Something other than a pill.

Enjoy free wellness services like yoga passes and a premium Calm meditation subscription.

Get started in a few steps.

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Step 1

Set Your Budget

Most businesses get $0 office visits, prescriptions, lab testing, and more for as little as $35 per employee.

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Step 2

Invite Your Employees

Set your eligibility criteria and invite employees with River Health's seamless payroll integration feature.

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Step 3

Enjoy Quality Care

Your employees can see a doctor immediately and enjoy quality primary and behavioral healthcare.

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Boost employee morale, increase retention, and reduce absenteeism with an affordable health benefit.

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